How to Relieve the Stress of Your Mind


It seems like the stresses of the mind have increased in our times, but these have been going on since the beginning of time and in every culture. Stresses about whether you’ll be eaten by a tiger or whether the Pony Express would bring your mail were as troubling as today’s thoughts about paying bills or computer breakdowns. There are many ways to relieve the stress of your mind. Some of them go back to time immemorial – ways that are tested by time that can help you to feel more peaceful in any situation.

Telling Your Mind to Be Quiet

Someone I know says, “Shut up, mind!” when challenging thoughts come up. If you don’t like that and want something more delicate, you can ask your mind to please be quiet. Whatever it takes. Something else you can say to your mind is, “No, I AM the peace of God.” Or you can say, “Peace be still and know that I am God.” Or “I AM the power of healing, and I AM healing myself now.”

Saying Four Magic Sentences

There’s a teaching from Hawaii called Ho’oponopono. It’s a wonderful approach to transforming and clearing your mind and your understanding. One of the major premises is to take full responsibility for everything that happens – even for what is happening in other people you come in contact with. This is based on the understanding that you’re creating your reality moment by moment. So then if this is so, you can say four sentences that help to cleanse your mind and that can work magic for you. Here they are (and they can be said inside yourself in any order): “Thank you; I love you; I’m sorry; please forgive me.” I’m thankful for all I have and all I am. I love you and raise my vibration and level of awareness to transmute anything.  I’m sorry for not perceiving this with understanding, and I wish to be free of it in the spirit of forgiveness. Saying these four sentences has brought many miracles to people who’ve had obstacles in their minds and lives.

Knowing How to Breathe for Peacefulness

So often when you’re stressed out, your breathing is shallow, fast and concentrated up at the top of your lungs. Relaxed breathing goes down to your belly, so it’s deeper and slower. Your breathing is connected with your thoughts, so to relax your mind, concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deeply in an inhalation and slowly exhale. There are more detailed ways of breathing for relaxation, but slowing down and deepening your breathing is a good place to begin.

Meditating  Regularly

In my own life, meditation has been the cornerstone for all that I do and the great ancient reliever of stress. What happens when you meditate is that you relax enough to find a place in the core of yourself that is already free of stress. It’s like taking a vacation inside to a real paradise of peace. One way to meditate is to focus on words or images. You can use any of the words I mentioned above or just the word “om,” as this timeless word means that great peace of the universe. Give yourself a specific amount of time, and find a comfortable place to rest your mind in meditation.

Enumerating Your Blessings

Whenever you’re grateful, you go to another level of life. It’s a higher vibration, and here your mind becomes more quiet. You can enumerate what you’re grateful for. You can even mention seemingly small or hidden things that you hadn’t noticed before. “I’m grateful for my feet. They help me to walk.” I’m grateful for my teeth. They help me to eat.” “And my bed and my computer and my lamp that lets me see more clearly.” Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Asking Your Wise Mind

Ask your wise Mind to tell you the truth about something that’s concerning you. Ask it to tell you about your true worth, and it will tell you how magnificent you truly are.  Ask it why it’s now necessary for that person you thought was so important to not physically be in your life for now, and it will show you how you’re to be empowered now and grow stronger. Ask your Wise Mind any question, and it will show you the true power of your mind to know and understand the higher truth

These are ways to overcome the stresses of your everyday mind, and these are ways to know and accept your own inner power.

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