How Do Both Your Subconscious and Superconscious Mind Powers Affect Your Prosperity?


Both of these parts of your inner mind are crucial.

These two aspects of mind are usually on autopilot unless you know how to reach them. Both are highly significant, and it’s good to understand them. .

Your Subconscious Mind

Here are some of things the subconscious mind does:
The subconscious mind is like a filing system. It’s the “Google” of the bodymind, a storage or filing system of everything that has taken place in your life. It can be put on “search mode” to find out significant incidents. It contains all the obstacles and resistances you have to receiving your wealth. And at the same time, it also creates a magnetic field that draws in your good. It’s in charge of the Law of attraction, and it can receive suggestions easily.

Your Superconscious or Universal Mind

This is your divine connection. It is itself the source of abundance. When you are in the flow of this higher mind, you’re in the flow of prosperity as well. Everything is possible, and you are connected. You can get in touch with it through meditation or prayer or through an inner visitation of a great being, like Jesus or Buddha or Moses. It can help you solve your problems. Have you ever heard the affirmation “God is the Source of my supply?” This is what you know to be true when you’re in the flow of your divine connection.
You Have Inner Powers when it Comes to Prosperity

The subconscious sends messages or energy to the Universal superconscious mind so that you can fully use your inner powers. When you know you have these powers, you can reach deeply within yourself to find them, and this will assist you to create more abundance and transform your life. Just allow yourself to relax enough to calm your conscious mind, and you can have access to a new world of your inner mind that will bring your life to a higher level.

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