The Phenomenal Key for Manifesting Love, Money, Happiness, and Enlightenment


Here’s something you already know – told to you in a brand new way that might just astonish you: There’s a key to manifesting a better life – and you have this key already. As you continue to read my words, you may find a huge “Aha!” about it – a revelation that can shift your entire life.

Imagine This

Imagine what it would be like if you stopped worrying, if you knew how to have a happy mind, if funds were flowing in, if your body and mind were filled with healing power. Begin to notice that there’s something you’re doing inside yourself that’s different from the way it used to be. There’s a state of consciousness that is very clear and strong.

You know inside yourself that throughout your life in many ways you’re “dreaming a dream.” People who have awakened from that dream see everything as bliss or pure awareness. How are you dreaming your dream? Is your dream about suffering and lack? Or have you freed up your mind to dream a positive dream? What are you telling yourself about what’s real?

Thoughts are Prayers

Consider that your thoughts are prayers. What kinds of prayers are coming forth from your mind over and over? What pictures are you forming before your own eyes?

You may need to take some preliminary steps by healing your old thoughts and pictures. Where there were negative relationships, childhood experiences, financial woes – go inside and bring light to those pictures. Embrace the difficult parts of yourself with love and healing. Bring in angels, masters, fairy godmothers, your own inner love – and heal the old pictures.

Set the Stage for a New Life

Then set the stage for a whole new life. Allow yourself to imagine an entirely new scene of more than enough and great blessings. Have you heard this before? Well – maybe. Has it penetrated your consciousness like a bolt of enlightenment? Let it do that this time – and dream the most powerful dream you could ever create in the entire universe and for all time.

What about the national and international scene, you might ask? Imagine it healed and whole. No need to add to it with your outpicturing of a less than stellar reality. What about people who are suffering all over the world? Imagine them blessed. Use your profound powers of consciousness to transform the world. Inside is the power of healing and transformation that can be the force that wakes you up.

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