Three Instant Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Undo Your Stress and Uplift Your Mind and Relationships


It’s good to have ways to lift yourself into other states of consciousness when the going gets rough. How about some instantaneous ways to shift into states of relaxation when the stresses of life come upon you? Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem on the level it was created – from the mind. You have to go to another level to find the solution. Here’s how!

Create an Instant Trance State
You can get “out of your mind” and into another state so that you can actually create another point of view on anything in your life. You can relax yourself so you don’t react as much to the ups and downs of your life. So if someone is saying things to you that push your buttons or  if you feel overwhelmed with so much to do, here’s something you can do:
 You can keep your eyes open or you can close them, as you wish. You can count from 3 to 1 very slowly. If your eyes are open, stare at something and create a “soft focus.” Imagine that you “see the numbers” or trace them with your finger in the air. Look up – if your eyes are open or dosed. Then if you can (if you’re not driving), close your eyes down and say the word, “Relax.” Then tell yourself anything you’d like yourself to know or do, such as:
 “It’s all right.
 “Get calm now.”
 “Things are working out just fine.”
 “I am healing myself now.

Uplift Your Mind

There’s an ancient technique that Joe Vitale teaches based on the time-honored teachings of Ho’oponopono. It too is instantaneous. You accept responsibility for everything that’s happening in your life, and you realize your power to heal yourself. This is an internal process that can shift your outer reality. Here’s what you say to yourself about anything that’s happening:
 Thank you.
 I love you.
 I’m sorry.
It helps you clear yourself. You say it to yourself and you say it inside yourself mentally to others:. “Thank you for  being here. I love you. I’m sorry for any pattern in me, genealogical or for any other reason, that may be in the way. I forgive you as I hope you forgive me.” This process can create huge outer transformation when done within your own self.

Anchor Your Transformation

You can ask yourself if there’s a word or phrase that symbolizes the transformation you’re having, and when you have it, you can say it inside your self, while at the same time, you put your thumb together with your index finger. It ‘s like pressing “save” on your computer, and you can bring it up at any time to recall your transformed state. This way you have it in your “archives,” and it can be eternally useful for shifting your life.

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