How Your Thoughts Affect Your Weight, Habits, and Life – and How to Transform Them


Your “mindset ” can determine how you live your life.. It’s a fixed mental attitude or predisposition, how you think about things, and it determines how you act  Mostly it’s unconscious, an inner file cabinet of thoughts and feelings. It can determine if you’ll be able to break a habit or fulfill your dreams.

What to do When You Think Those Pies and Cakes Taste So Good
 Ask anyone who’s attempting to lose weight why they eat those sweet rolls, loaves of bread, and sugar cookies. Of course, they’re using them to supposedly comfort themselves, but also many people think that these foods taste good. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re being conditioned to think that, that it’s a mindset, sometimes called a predilection or an addiction? Did you know that the big bakeries are conditioning your taste buds so that they can whip up and add sweetness to their profits? Did you know that some people don’t think those foods taste good at all. They’re conditioned to think that those foods are overly sweet and cloying, and they observe that the foods make them feel less healthy and less effective in their lives. That’s mindset, and you can shift yourself if you realize that you have a choice. You can tell yourself, “I don’t need those awfully sugary things. They’re unhealthy and not what I want for my life.” Then you can choose something else to eat that supports your life. It’s not always easy, but it can be done.

What to Do When You Think Your Habits are Comforting You
 Lots of smokers, drug or food addicts think they’re going to Cloud 9 when they consume the substance of their choice. Their bodyminds have become habituated to the substance, and people think that life is just fine when they’re able to eat or inhale or somehow consume whatever they’re calling their “friend” of the moment. When people break out of their inner “trance” and see that habit as the opposite of a friend, truly a marauder posing as a friend, then they can begin to shift their relationship with the food or substance. “Look the flower, but be the serpent under it’ is what  John Milton said about Satan in his epic poem, Paradise Lost. This is what these so-called “friends” are like also. The opportunity to see this with clear eyes presents itself to us on a daily basis. “No, I don’t want that. It’s hurting my life” is something you can say to yourself as you invoke your power and choose your “friends.”

What You Can Do to Make Wise Choices
• Learn about what foods and substances do inside your body and mind.
 Do some reading and studying, and really understand what the consequences of  eating and consuming these are.
• Learn about what habits do to your life.
 Pay attention to the results of eating those sugary and a salty snacks or consuming  that drug. Read all you can.
 Find alternatives that you love.
 Search for things that taste good and feel good but are also good for you.
• Learn more about the food system.
 See how there’s built-in habit formation in the way companies prepare their foods  and drugs.
• Look for the “I’ve had it” moment.
 Get a sense of whether or not you’re finished with a habit and if you’re ready to  move on.
• Cleanse your body and mind.
 Clean out the old foods and substances and turn over a new leaf.
• Know that you deserve a lot more.
 You deserve the highest and best treatment in every way.
• Speak differently to yourself
 If an inner voice tells you to do something that’s not in your best interest, say, “No.  I’m choosing something better for my life instead.” Then you shift your choice.
• Be grateful for everything you have, and more good comes to you.
 Your gratitude shifts your mind into a higher frequency and brings more good into  your life.
• Shift your “trance.”
 Wake up to a new self. You can hypnotize yourself to take the high road. You  deserve the best of everything! It may take more than one or two attempts, but you  can do it if you’re ready. The “light bulb” has to want to change. Your  illumined moment is here.

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