Five Ways to Receive Spiritual Assistance for Financial Well-Being and Healing


Making a connection with Spirit can help you with everything in your life – including finances. It’s always helpful to go to a level of expanded possibility so that you keep yourself open to positive eventualities, and you can also receive assistance. Whatever you call it – the Universal Force, God, or any other name, it’s a way to go beyond your limited vision of the world and step into the essence. Here are five ways to move into this expansion and create financial well being.

Create Your Vision and Maintain Your Faith
 You create a specific vision of what you’re manifesting in your life and impress it on the universe with your heart and soul. Know that your vision will be realized according to divine timing. You keep the faith that “everything has a way of working itself out,” and you allow this faith to carry you through and beyond disappointments that are just ways the universe has of saying to you: “Something better for you is coming.” Keeping the faith is paramount. There’s a song that says:
  “It may not come when you want it, but it’s right on time.”

Maintain Your Understanding of Where Your Good Comes From
 Know that whatever comes to you, comes from the universal Source. Remember that what you may think of as the source (job, banks, etc.) is only the appearance of things. Imagine yourself in your mind’s eye with money flowing from the universe to you. You catch it in your hands, your pockets, in baskets or any containers you like. You’re smiling and you’re grateful for the abundance of the universe as it rains down upon you.

Let Spiritual Symbols Inspire You
 Let imagery of well-being fill your consciousness. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, is an icon of abundance. If her image is one you can align with, let its energy permeate your mind. You can even talk with her and tell her what you’d like.  You can also commune with any other spiritual figure and allow its transformational power to move you forward.  Having financial well being is very spiritual, and you tap into the gifts that  are given from the spiritual into the material world.

Do Special Ceremonies
 If you enjoy ceremonies or rituals and you find that they benefit you, you can light candles, say prayer, do mantras and affirmations,  say “thank you.” You can devise your own  rituals, often called pujas or poojas in India. They can create a positive force field within and around you and can assist you in the process of manifestation. You can reiterate your vision for your life as you do your rituals. If you’d like to have temple priests do rituals on your behalf, go to

Express Gratitude
 Everyone talks about it because it’s a powerful form of expression. It lifts your consciousness toward what you have instead of what you think you don’t. Gratitude manifests more abundance as you realize how blessed you already are. “I give thanks for my…” is a good way to start a daily list.  Again, imagine yourself as a most fortunate being receiving the great abundance of the universe. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” are magnificent words to say, words that paint your mental pictures with fullness and gratitude.

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