Go to “The Healing Room of Light” for Healing and Success


There’s an “upper room” in your mind that has great power. It’s a special room that allows you to fully experience and transform what you’d like to heal and manifest in your life.  So, if “this old world is getting you down,” you can always go “up on the roof to the top of the stairs and just drift right into space” in the Healing Room of Light.
       Here you can heal physical or mental or emotional issues. You can manifest anything. You can bring someone else into this room, someone you love or someone who’s creating some trouble in your life. You can shine light to transform something or bring something to life. You can see it or feel it or just know it’s there.

What Happens in the Healing Room?

Beams of light stream out of the walls and from the floor and ceiling. You sit or stand in the middle of the room and receive the beams. Or someone you know sits or stands there and receives the beams of light.  When you’re there, you can bring others with you or you can be there by yourself. You bathe yourself in the brilliant streams of light.

Shifting the Vibration of Anything!

When you enter this powerful room, you can transform the vibration of anything, infuse it with light, and transform its very nature.  You can upgrade the way the cells of your body vibrate, move yourself to a “higher octave” of life, feel expanded emotions, heal worn-out thoughts, release discord, open your heart center, bring yourself into the harmony of the universe, and overcome the problems of your life.

A Systematic Way to Transform

This is a systematic way of transforming anything. So, if “this old world is getting you down,” you can go to the Healing Room of Light where “it’s peaceful as can be, up on the roof, where the air is fresh and sweet, where the world can’t bother” you, and where you can shine the light of healing and transformation and move yourself to higher levels. In this way, you transform darkness into light.

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