What’s the Ultimate Truth about Your Self Worth? Find out by Transforming Your Mind and Your Life


Have you ever wanted to melt into the ground when you thought you said something “wrong?” Have you ever wondered, “Am I okay?” Have you ever given yourself dire predictions for your life?

If you have, then join the ranks of millions who’ve proven that “stinkin’ thinkin” still lives on. Like Stuart Smalley, the Al Franken character before he ran for the Senate, you might say to yourself:
 “I’m going to die homeless and penniless. I’m 20 pounds overweight, and no one  will ever love me.”
And then he would correct himself by saying,
 “Oh no, no, no! That’s just stinkin’ thinkin!” I’m good enough, I’m smart enough,  and doggone it, people like me!”
Remember that?

Yes, such mind chatter lives on in many people – even people who’ve reached a level of enlightened thinking in many areas.  They still worry and wonder if they’re okay.

Now, you might think that such non-constructive thinking is “humility” or the remedy for an ego trip. But in truth, it’s just as much an ego trip as saying, “I’m the most awesome and beautiful person this world has ever known.” There’s another state of consciousness that’s beyond “I’m the worst” or “I’m the best. That state of consciousness is the place of ultimate truth.

So What’s the Ultimate Truth about Self Worth?

You may have been told all your life that you’re no good. You may respond to the song “You’re No Good, You’re No Good, You’re No Good” with: “That song is definitely about *me*.” You might think that everyone is more lovely, handsome, intelligent, able, or worthy than you are.

But here’s the fact: That is all an illusion. Sure, some people seem smarter, richer, and more attractive than others – but:
 Everyone is of the highest worth – including you.
 Why is this so? You are made of the same substance of which the entire universe is made. You are composed of the same light and love as the towering trees and the vast oceans. You are a god or a goddess in potential. When you fix your mind in this direction, you transform the flow of your consciousness, and you move yourself in to ever-expanding potential.

Here’s the truth: I AM. It’s not “I am good” or “I am bad.” It’s beyond that. Like the planets and the stars, you exist as a living embodiment of the highest of the high.  You may have been told the opposite – but it’s for you now to live in the truth, to practice “higher thinking” and move into the greatness of your life.  Why not? And why not now?

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