The Winds of Change: Earth Changes 2012 – Storm Messages and Prayers


For a long time, messages about the earth changes have been coming to us. One of the main ones is that there are an increasing number of severe weather occurrences. You can interpret these earth changes any way that your own reality leads you. But as I see it, it is Wake-Up Time.

Humanity is being charged to wake up to its divinity and its oneness with the One. Wake up, these changes say, to loving one another, to loving the earth, shifting your consciousness and lifting the veils to understand that you are a part of a vast universe, a part of All That Is.

Every severe happening on earth, such as climate and weather changes, is an opportunity to know that as the earth shifts, so does your consciousness. It’s a powerful invitation to compassionate, forgiving and aware and to remember who you are.

Sending love and prayers to all those most affected by the current earth changes on the East Coast of the US. You are in our hearts, and we wish you a rapid recovery.

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