What it Means to Realize Your Greatness and Find Success, Transformation and Spiritual Power


One man sold encyclopedias. He did well because he was charming, but it wasn’t his true calling. He also served in the Navy – but that wasn’t his true calling either. He found his calling when he became interested in acting. It was a circuitous route, but Paul Newman finally found what he’d come here to do.

Another man made good money in the music business, but he made some bad investments and lost it all at age 28. He went back home and lived with his parents. But soon everything changed for Simon Cowall, and he found what he had come here to do – become a major music mogul.

She was badly abused in her childhood – beaten and verbally demeaned. But she had something truly magnificent inside of her, and she kept on going. That was Ammachi or Mata Amritanadamayi, also called “The Hugging Saint.” She became an enlightened, truly great human being.

Making a Difference

Every human being wants to matter, to be fulfilled, to have something to contribute, to go beyond just survival, to make a difference. You may need to reinvent yourself for this, but the seed of this contribution and fulfillment is already in you, deep inside.

So many people underestimate themselves – their gifts, talents, abilities to succeed and make a contribution to the world. It’s important to look at your infinite possibilities and true value so you can move your consciousness upward. You can then take creative action that expresses itself as your contribution to the world. You don’t have to live in quiet desperation, as Thoreau described it. You can create deep joy, fulfillment, success, and contribution to humanity.

There’s a Spark of Greatness Inside Your Being

You have gifts, talents and abilities that distinguish you. You have something in you that’s beyond the ordinary. You are here to make a contribution to this planet. There’s a seed in you that was planted even before your birth, and you’ve come here to let it grow and expand. You are also spiritually great as a reflection of the universal energy and power.

Do you Have a Dream and a Purpose to Fulfill?

Are you looking for yours? Do you know what in you is beyond the ordinary?
Just imagine for a moment that you’re walking into a theater, and you sit down in the audience. Now, this is no ordinary theater. It’s The Theater of the Soul – so you know it’s going to be a special production today as you sit in the audience and look out at the curtains. These, of course, are no ordinary curtains either. They’re your most powerful color, and they’re made of fabric that you love.
It’s almost show time, so you feel a sense of anticipation as you’re waiting for the curtains to rise. Now the lights begin to dim, some music (that you love, of course) begins to play, and the curtains begin to reveal what’s onstage. Lo and behold, you see yourself on the stage, looking and feeling exuberant and radiant. You’re getting ready to do your own presentation. You see yourself dressed in clothes you love, and you’re ready now to do what you came here to do onstage.

Here you are doing, being and having what you know you came here for. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Are there any words that express this? Any feelings in you? What is your body like? Experience yourself as fully present in this moment, in your greatness, making your contribution to the world.

Now take a moment to imagine one thing that you can do now that would express your greatness, one small shift you can make in your life that will take your journey to a new level. You can clear away all obstacles so that the deepest aspirations of your being can express themselves in their fullness.

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