Three Tips on How to Deepen Your Relaxation and Healing


Some people think that they need to relax very deeply in order to have the healing results they’d like. You don’t have to relax deeply in order to get results, unless you’re going to have  dental work or brain surgery, as you can have healing happen no matter how deeply you relax – just as long as you have the intention and the faith that it will happen. Though not everyone cares about the depth of their relaxation, and not everyone has the knack of going very deeply into relaxation, some people want to relax out into the “ozone layer.”  Here are some tips for not only deepening your relaxation, but for creating more effective healing processes as well.

1.Relax yourself by counting down backwards very slowly. This is a very hypnotic thing to do. Some people like to do visualizations to relax themselves, but this may not necessarily carry them into a deeply relaxed state as effectively as slow counting down, because visualizing is a more mental type of activity.  Reciting the alphabet is also effective. The reason why numbers and the alphabet are powerful is that they appeal to the more primitive part of the brain. And when you use numbers or letters with full intention of creating relaxation, very slowly, you can go so deeply that you won’t come back until the Fourth of July!

2. Get centered and make a healing connection. This may mean that you need to reduce the distractions around you, especially the noise, so you can concentrate. You get centered so that you become a “hollow bamboo” through which inspiration and meditative power can enter. It’s almost like adjusting your physical posture, only it’s an inner matter – centering yourself so that you are a vehicle through which the power of relaxation can enter. One way to  do this is through your breathing. Take some deep breaths in and out. You may want to do a type of invocation or prayer asking to be a great vehicle for relaxation and healing.

3. Here is a special technique you may want to use to deepen your connection with the healing power. If you like, you can say these words:
“With the wisdom of my higher self and the power of my healing mind, I AM healing myself now. All the cells of my body, all the powers of my mind, are healing me now.” Then you might imagine yourself as healed and whole. You don’t have to visualize it, as not everyone is a visualizer, and visualization may be a mental activity for some people.. You can feel it, think about it, or just know it. Then imagine yourself going to a health practitioner who says to you, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing. It must be some kind of miracle. You’re completely healed.”

There are always great possibilities for healing and transformation – especially if you prepare the way for them. The power of healing is everywhere, and you can open the way for it as you stand in its flowing stream and allow it into your life.

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