My Right Eye: And Now I See!


A few days ago, I had a procedure on my right eye that lifted off an old familiar cloud and made the world look crisp and clear. During this process, I brought in another old familiar friend –deep hypnosis – and everything became a most beautiful daydream and show of lights, as my entire body became completely and utterly still. I opted to have no sedatives – only a local numbing of my eye, and I was so delighted with how well it went. I wore an eye patch for a day to keep up with the current pirate trend, and when the patch came off, I was dumbfounded. I could see the signs on the streets and read the letters on them. I could see individual leaves on the trees and buds coming up on the branches. The letters on my computer are black instead of gray. So I’m looking at the physical world in a new way, and soon my left eye will get taken care of too.

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