What Does it Mean to “Go to the High Place in Your Mind?”


Many years ago, a song came on the radio as I was driving down the  freeway: “Go to the High Place in Your Mind./ You never know what you will find there!” I loved it, and I wished I had heard who the artist was. I never heard it again, but I’ve thought about it for years. Most of us are always searching for that High Place – through meditation, drugs, or relationships. Everyone wants to know it because it’s the panacea for all the difficulties of life.

So – what is the High Place in Your Mind? It’s a higher reality, a state beyond the ordinary everyday way to see things. It’s a place to take a rest from all the challenges, a place to feel lifted up. Just imagine what that High Place is for you. Is it:

  • A fuzzy feel-good universe?
  • An inner world populated by gurus, angels, masters, and spirits.?
  • A Candyland fantasy world?
  • Strawberry Fields forever with Lucy in the Sky on a Magical Mystery Tour?
  • A state of total peace?
  • A world of only love?
  • A place of beautiful light?

What’s the High Place in Your Mind actually like? Is it a projection of your consciousness, or is it a place that exists in and of itself? Maybe you can answer that. What I know is that it’s the superconscious state that is beyond the everyday conscious mind and the subconscious mind. It’s the place where all the wars have ended and  where there is everything we’ve ever really wanted – peace, love, wisdom, healing, and bliss. It’s a remedy for  all the difficult things of the ordinary world, and that’s why so many people are searching for it and hoping to rest their heads there.

How do you get there? Do only certain people have the key? Do you need to be invited? There  are many ways to get there – and you have the key. You  were born with it, and you invite yourself there.  There are ways to get there without ingesting anything. You can go very deeply into your own meditations and revelations. There are also catalysts, such as other people, activities that bring you bliss, and special recordings that help take you there.

If you’re looking for those recordings, here’s one great way to find them: Go to http://www.lifetransformationsecrets.com, and you’ll find three CDs. They will catalyze your journey into your higher mind.

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