Questions About the Power of the Mind


I have a new Facebook page called “I Love the Power of the Mind.” It’s multifaceted and covers many areas of interest about the different levels of the mind and how they powerfully affect your life. Please take a look at this list of questions that reflect the points we’ll cover. See if there’s anything that particularly interests you, and let me know if there’s another area of interest that you’d like included. I appreciate your feedback!

How can I get more in touch with my higher mind and consciousness?

How can I overcome my negative mind? Like dealing with seeming failure, critical thoughts, fear and anxiety and lack of confidence?

Do affirmations work – and if so, what kinds are best?

Does the Law of Attraction work – and how can it work for me? How to use the mind for manifestation? How do I attract abundance?

How does the subconscious mind work?

How do you release difficult emotions and thoughts?

How is it possible to be happier?

How do I keep my focus on a goal?

How do I create new neural pathways in my mind?

How do I create success through the power of the mind?

What is the secret in Think and Grow Rich?

What are some tools and techniques for transforming my mind – such as hypnosis, brainwave audios, EFT, The Wise Mind Process?

How can meditation transform my mind and life?

Does prayer work?

What are some great books on the Power of the Mind – and why are they great?

Please go to http://www.facebookcom/ILovethePoweroftheMind

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