Do You Ever Get Discouraged When You Feel You’ve Had a Setback? Here’s What I Tell My Clients – and How You can Help Yours Too!


Do you ever get discouraged when you’ve had a setback and think it’s all over or that somehow you’ve failed? Everyone has these setbacks, and to some it’s just a short while until the tide turns. To others, it’s a pronouncement on their worthiness and a sign of sure defeat. If you keep on going when you’ve had a setback, it can be just a brief moment in time when a breakthrough happens. You may be receiving a challenge just before a rebirth. You may not see it at the moment, but something may be waiting to open for you in a great way.

This is true for people who are breaking an old habit, and the habit may return for a moment in time. It’s not a failure. It’s a revisiting, an opportunity to see the habit in a new way. It’s true for people who are manifesting new projects in their businesses or their work. Maybe something doesn’t quite go the way you like, but if you keep on, you can see your work bear fruit.

I tell my clients who are creating something new in their lives – like freedom from cigarettes or unhealthy foods or old relationships or difficult thoughts – that sometimes there may be a revisiting of the old habit, which seems like a setback. But it’s not. It’s an opportunity to take a look at the old situation with new eyes, to keep on going and move forward.

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