How to Transform Feelings of Discouragement and Come Back to a Positive Mind


Do you ever feel like Sisyphus? Sisyphus was an ancient Greek mythological king who was punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity over and over again. Does it feel that your life is like that sometimes? If so, you know what it’s like to get back up and move that boulder uphill again. But this time might just be your time for it to stay there at the top.

Reminders of the Remedy

Fortunately there is a place within you that is unmoved by the ups and downs of fortune. It’s whole and complete, and it has the capacity to heal and transform your roller-coaster experiences and remind you of the truth. This is the true Self in you. You already know it well, and sometimes it’s good to be reminded of it. On the downside of that hill, you can fall into forgetfulness sometimes. But the learning process of life is about coming back to remembering that this place of alignment and magic is ever-present and serves as the remedy in the soul for all that ails you.

How to Transform the Darkness

So how do you get back to yourself when a part of you has strayed into the alien territory of forgetfulness where everything seems so dark? First of all, you say hello to the darkness. You pay attention to it and allow it into your awareness. When you embrace it in this way, it begins to shift. Then you can take some deep breaths into that darkness, and as you exhale, you can release it more and more. Then you ask for the voice of wisdom from the place within you that is filled with light and is whole and complete. You ask it to share its wisdom with you, and you allow it to transform the reality you’re experiencing for your life and your current situation. You can do this over and over as many times as you need to until the darkness is clear and you’re returned to the lightness and truth about yourself and your life once again.

Becoming Strong and Free

It’s also good to shift your vision upwards. You can see or feel or just think about yourself as standing on a high hill. It may seem to be a precipice, and it may carry the illusion of danger, but instead of descending or falling, you may suddenly grow some huge and beautiful wings, and you might find yourself soaring in the heavens or the sky, very happy and free. Or you might continue to stand on top of that hill and become stronger and stronger, rooted and empowered. Whatever you experience that is filled with light is good.

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