How to Transform Your Problems into Happiness!


Some people can smile no matter what’s happening, and nothing ever seems to bring them down. But that is the rare person. Many of us get pulled in to the negative vortex through our self-defeating, negative, critical thoughts and our reactions to events and other people.

So let’s take a look at how to keep your mind in a more positive state – how to think positive thoughts about anything, how to experience positive emotions no matter what’s happening in the world.

Lama Zopa Enters the Picture

There are ways to heal and transform your old outworn patterns and thoughts. One fascinating way is from a Buddhist monk named Lama Zopa. He has a teaching called “transforming problems into happiness” which is really a wonderful way to deal with negative thoughts and with life itself.

Some of Lama Zopa’s ideas have to do with transforming your thoughts. He tells us that instead of seeing things as problems, see them as teachings. Everything is here to teach you something.

Here’s an example.

Last winter, a cold spell came to town, and it was freezing in Oakland, California where I live. It was uncharacteristically cold, especially because a few days before it came, my heater broke. I knew I’d be getting a new one in a few days time, but I had to deal with the few days before the new heater came. I had a few small space heaters and layers of sweaters.. I was doing my best to stay warm even though it was freezing.

I asked myself, “What is the teaching here? What’s the meaning of this? And what I got was this. My wisdom told me to think about all the people who don’t have homes who are in the cold right now. They don’t have space heaters and don’t have sweater after sweater and layers of coats. And they’re cold. Many people all over this world are suffering because they can’t do anything about the cold or the heat of their environments. And I was very blessed. I only had to be cold for a few days.

Transforming Thoughts

So I became clear that I could transform my thoughts and my feelings into understanding, and I could use my circumstances as teachings. There are people suffering all over the world. So I could give thanks for my opportunity to experience this understanding and even the cold conditions, as they helped me to think about the people of the world and to send healing thoughts and love.

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