What if You’ve Tried to be Prosperous and Seemed to Fail? Questions and Controversy


Overcoming old patterns and creating prosperity is a process. If you’ve tried and not received results, it may be because it’s not the right time yet for you, but it will be. Or you haven’t fully released subconscious resistances, but you can. Or there are other obstacles in the way that you can find out about and work on and overcome in many ways (including spiritually). Many highly successful people have failed for years – and then finally the bonds were released and they realized their success. You need to keep your mind focused and your faith strong. You do the inner work, focus your mind, and know you are receiving all that you need and want at exactly the right time.

Can prosperity come through inner work?
Many people have studied, prayed, affirmed, and tithed, and they eventually overcame their limitations and found great success. Read Catherine Ponder, Napoleon Hill, Edwene Gaines, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins – and the list goes on. Many of them were either homeless or impoverished, and they rose above it all. Sometimes you have ups and downs on your journey (Even Trump had financial struggles).

So the word is: Never Give Up. No matter how many times you feel you’ve failed, keep going, and your fulfillment may be just around the corner.

And what if there are outer obstacles?
I had asked how your subconscious and superconscious mind powers affect your prosperity. Someone wrote to me and asked questions in response. She obviously had a point of view:

How do issues of race, class, gender, species, and geography affect your prosperity?
How do corporations affect your prosperity?
How does the ecosystem affect your prosperity?

Her intelligent questions are well-taken. They assume, however, that you are totally at the effect of outer forces. In the most dire of times, however, some people have made their fortunes. The ability of the human mind to overcome all other factors has been shown time and time again.It’s a matter of belief, focus, faith, and one’s innate ability to overcome all challenges. And if you believe that destiny is at play here, perhaps it is your destiny to rise above all obstacles at exactly the right time. Never give up.

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