Create Prosperity and Abundance through the Neural Pathways of Your Brain


Here are four fantastic things you can do to open your mind to greater prosperity. Because your mind is magnetic, how you work with your thoughts has everything to do with receiving greater abundance. It’s best to do these techniques over and over to impress them upon the neural pathways of your brain. It often takes repetition to create new neural pathways. You need to impress the new behaviors, thoughts and intentions upon you magnetic mind to receive results.

The Mirror

Here’s a very profound technique: Go to a mirror when you’re at home, and look deeply into your own eyes, almost as if you were hypnotizing yourself. Stare as intently as you can. Repeat some word or phrase about something that you’re creating or wishing for in your life. Say your word or words over and over as you stare into your eyes. Saying your words out loud is good, but you can also say them to yourself. However you say them, do it with conviction and intent. You can even add as many other words or sentences that you like. Do this as often as you want to, and do it with power in your intention. You’ll be creating autosuggestions and doing self-hypnosis, and this can have great power.

Create a Notebook

You may want to get a notebook that is only for these practices. Make it a special one. Write down your chief aim and anything else that’s relevant to your process. You can add anything you’d like to create in your life. Keep adding to it whenever you think about or feel an aspiration or desire. Read it whenever you’d like to remind yourself of the miracles that are taking place in your existence this very day.

Anticipate Something Wonderful

Tell yourself that something wonderful is getting ready for you, like opening a gift, like seeing a friend you haven’t seen for years, like having your dreams come true! Tell yourself that you’re happy that you’re doing this powerful work and that you’re almost ready to unload your ship, which is certainly standing waiting for you in the dock. Your ship has come in!

Build Your Prosperity on the Screen of Your Mind

Imagine paying your bills with a huge smile. Imagine being able to make contributions to many others with both your time and your money. Expect miracles in your life. No matter what challenges you have, keep going, and your life will be transformed. Imagine, visualize, feel and believe that the time is now for your dreams and wishes to come true. And what you can visualize in your mind as repetitively as possible, you can realize in the flow of your life.

These are time-honored truths and practices, and they can truly transform your life.

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