What Does Your Mind Have to Do with Your Prosperity?


Your mind has remarkable powers, some of which you may not have known about.
Here is some remarkable information about your mind and its ability to help you create prosperity and abundance:

• Not only is your mind the most powerful broadcasting system that has ever existed, but it has other powers of manifestation, knowledge, wisdom, projection, enlightenment and healing.
• Your mind can imagine something in vivid detail and project it into the third dimension.
• Your mind can receive suggestions and allow them to manifest.
• Your mind can store old patterns and memories and can then ultimately transform them.
• Your mind can answer any of the questions of your life and guide you on your way.
• Your mind has healing power.
• Your higher mind can take you to ultimate truth and enlighten your life.
• Your mind is your perfect vehicle for creating prosperity and abundance now.

All of these powers affect your prosperity. You need to open up these powers to manifest your highest good.

Look at Your Thoughts

Take notice of your thought processes. See if these comments or questions enter your mind:
“Can I really do what I want to do and be what I’d like to be? Can I have the money I’d like to have? Do I have what it takes? And how about all those times I’ve failed in the past? Those have left their mark on my self esteem. And how about all those suffering people in the world? I really relate to them and to my suffering ancestors. And maybe it’s the planets in my birth chart. And maybe it’s because my family never got anywhere. And I’m not sure I want to grow beyond my family, as I think they might not want to relate to me anymore. The level I’m at is the level of my comfort. I’m used to this struggle. And even though I want to soar above all this, there are a lot of things holding me back. Poor me.”

Overcome Negative Patterns to Create Abundance

When you experience yourself as unworthy, less-than or inferior, you’re not tapping into the higher part of you. You can renew your connection with your Source so you can manifest the flow of abundance that you’d like.
The question that activates your Source is, “What would my Wise Mind tell me about that?” If you ask your Wise Mind to tell you about your life purpose, you can listen for an answer. If you ask your Wise Mind what’s in the way of your great success, you can listen to hear what it tells you. Everyone has answers. Some answers are elaborate. Other answers are a word, a phrase, or a sentence. Tap into your powers to create more abundance in your life.

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