Fantastic Stories: Great People Who Failed and then Succeeded


I love the stories of great, entertaining, significant people who first failed and then succeeded. Very inspirational!

Here are a few brief stories for you to take a look at:

His music teacher told him that as a composer, he was “hopeless.” And during his music career, he lost his hearing. Nevertheless, he continued on with his music and became one of the most supreme composers in history. Ludwig van Beethoven, was his name, and he has since inspired people all over the world with the greatness of his work.

His movies and projects failed for many years. But that didn’t deter him, as he had a big dream. Now almost 2000 people work for him. His movies and special effects have become legends. George Lucas and his creations, “Star Wars”, Industrial Light and Magic, and many more – have all made their mark on the world.

They were turned down by 33 of New York’s biggest publishing houses in the first month of their efforts to promote their book of stories! They were told, “Anthologies don’t sell.” “We don’t think there is a market for this book.” “We just don’t get it.” “The book is too positive.” They were rejected by a total of 140 publishers.. Their agent told them, “I can’t sell this book – I’m giving it back to you guys.” They finally found someone willing to take a risk on their project, and their first books were published in June, 1993. Word of mouth soon led to huge popularity. They were Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors of the world renowned Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series.
They sold 60 million copies which went like wildfire across the world.

When he was a baby, his mother had to abandon him for his own good. Later, he committed a murder when he killed someone he saw hurting one of his people, and because of that he was on the run for many years. It was his destiny to help his people, and when he returned from his journey, he had to stand up to a powerful leader. He was victorious, and he eventually climbed a mountain and was the vehicle for bringing back timeless precepts for living. Those, you may already have guessed, were the Ten Commandments, and Moses was the one to receive them from God. He also went on to become a prophetic leader and set his people free from slavery.

He had an insecure childhood spent with his family roaming between countries at the time of an invasion. His family wandered for ten years and fifteen hundred miles. Along the way, he lost his mother, one of his father’s four wives, and experienced numerous other sorrows and deprivations. But his spiritual life made up for it all and lifted him beyond his circumstances. He became a professor, and finally he found his spiritual teacher. He wrote poetry right from his heart and soul and inspired many people toward the love of the Divine. Though he was born in Persia in the thirteenth century, he became America’s best-selling poet. His name is Rumi, and he is considered by many to be literature’s greatest mystical poet, inspiring his readers toward the ecstatic and transcendent qualities of the spirit.

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