Six Reasons It’s Good to be a Hypnotherapist and Have a Certificate for Doing Work You Love


Before I became a hypnotherapist, I knew I wanted to do work that could help people transform their deepest difficulties and become more free. I had a number of skills that I learned along the way, but I had no way to put them together into a viable profession and hang a shingle on my door. I prayed for it for quite a while, and finally I met a woman who told me she’d been certified, and I asked her what she did. She told me, and I said to her, “You’re kidding! I do that!” That was when I knew that I could get my certificate too. What I wanted to do was to make my contribution to the world and have a grounded profession so I could do the work I loved. And now I finally knew how to do it, and I became a Certified Hypnotherapist. So here are 6 reasons why that’s a good thing and why you might want to do it too.

You have a certificate to help people.

Most people want to assist people to grow and move beyond the troubles of their lives. How great to have a certificate you can put in a frame and put on your wall that gives you the green light to help people with just about anything they’re dealing with. It’s fulfilling to know that you have tools to help people with their fears, habits, aspirations or spiritual development.

You help people with a great variety of life issues.

It’s really exciting to have the tools to assist people to stop smoking or overeating. It’s great to help people overcome their fears of public speaking or taking tests. It’s wonderful to help people lift themselves out of their sadness or creative blocks and to help them reach new levels of spiritual awareness in their lives.

You work with people on a very deep level.

You go deeper than the ordinary everyday conscious mind as you move into the subconscious mind and higher into the superconscious mind. You can find out what might be going on deeply inside of people, and you can also make powerful suggestions to people when the conscious mind is finally quiet enough that the suggestions can be heard.

You don’t need to have a physical workout in your profession, as this work is primarily verbal.

Some people have had labor-intensive work to do, such as massage therapy or some retail work. Hypnotherapy is primarily verbal (and energy) work, so you can get more rest for your body as you dive into the depths of the profound inner mind.

You get to connect with people.

Some jobs can be alienating, if you work primarily with machines or scholarly research. But when you work with hypnosis, you work with people, and you connect with them on profound levels. This is highly nourishing to your life as well as to theirs. Many professionals in other modalities barely have time to hear their clients or patients, but you can have a listening ear, and you can also bring your own wisdom into your work with people as well.

Earn an income from doing what you love.

So not only is there gratification from working deeply with people, but you also add to your bank account. And that’s gratifying too. And there are also “multiple streams of income” that you can find to express your work with people through a number of media: writing, speaking, product creation, teaching, and so many more income streams.

You can become certified if it’s in your mind and heart to do so. It can offer you bounteous rewards as you expand the way you make your contribution to people’s lives and to the world.

Get a free 100 page ebook of Extraordinary Healing at, and while you’re on that page, click “certification” to find out how you can be certified. Marilyn Gordon is a transformation expert, hypnotherapy school founder and director, board certified hypnotherapist, and author. Extraordinary Healing is a book of healing wisdom and a guidebook for healing any area of your life.

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