Life Purpose – Six Ways the Remarkable Powers of Your Mind Can Help You Realize Your Life Purpose


Your mind has more power than you can even imagine. It’s a broadcasting system, a storage and filing system of everything that’s happened to you, a search engine like Google, an instrument for healing, a guidance system – and so much more. And it can help you to realize your life purpose as the greatest ally you’d ever what to have. That’s why it’s important to clear it of negativities, patterns, and barriers so you can be free to bring your gifts and talents into the world.

Here are some of the powers of your mind that can help you to realize your life purpose:

• Your mind is the most powerful broadcasting system that has ever existed. When you focus on something that you’re bringing out into your life, such as a chief aim or purpose, and you consistently keep sending the message out with your thoughts, you send out a broadcast that brings your thoughts to life in the physical world. Your mind can imagine something in vivid detail and project it into the third dimension.

• Your mind can receive suggestions and allow them to manifest. When you listen to or you repeat affirmative statements over and over and you have complete receptivity to them, you’re able to bring those affirmative statements into being.

• Your mind can store old patterns and memories and can then ultimately transform them. Because your mind is an amazing filing system, you store everything that’s happened to you inside. Then your mind works like a search engine to find them when the time is right so that you can heal and transform them whenever you’re ready.

• Your mind can answer any of the questions of your life and guide you on your way. Your higher mind is the source of wisdom and can tell you what to do, where to look for the right opportunities and how to express your talents. Your higher mind can take you to ultimate truth and enlighten your life.

• Your mind has healing power. As you focus your mind like a laser beam, you can heal and transform anything with mind vibrations and connection with the Healing Power.

• Your mind is your perfect vehicle for realizing your life purpose now.
Your mind has powers of manifestation, knowledge, wisdom, projection, enlightenment and healing.

When you fully comprehend the remarkable qualities of your mind and allow it to work its magic in your life, you will succeed in whatever you do. Clear out the resistances, and you will find a shining ally that will take you forward in a powerful direction on the road to realizing your life purpose.

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