How to Think Positive Thoughts about Yourself


Do you have challenges around thinking good thoughts about yourself?  “I’m not so good. I always fail. I’ll never get the job I want. I’ll never make the money I want. I don’t think people will love me the way I’d like them to. I’m not very likeable. I don’t like my body. I’m not so smart. I wish I looked better.” And on and on! If this were different, maybe there would be no international or even environmental problems. It all begins inside. Find out why these problem thoughts exist and how you can heal them as you read on.

Why These Mind Problems Exist

One of the reasons for these self-defeating thoughts is the patterns or habits of mind or thought forms that you carry within you your entire life and perhaps in all of your lifetimes. Many people believe that you bring these patterns of thought with you from other lifetimes. In this case, babies are not the innocents that we think they are. You carry scripts inside of thought forms, neural pathways and habits of mind that will determine what kinds of thoughts you’ll think. If you have a strong critic inside, it will do its critical dance. If you have a strong self-defeated voice inside, it will show up as self defeat. The possibilities are endless.

Another Reason for These Habits of  Mind

Your patterns can also come from wounds, whether old or recent –of seeming failures and old hurts. Maybe someone influential in your life had these old hurts as well. Some people have hurts in love, some around money; others have them around feeling healthy. So you keep on recreating the old patterns because your being is seeking to heal them.

How to Heal the Old Thoughts

The main way to heal these habits of mind is to remember the basic truth: that deep within you, underneath all the problems of life, underneath the anger, illness, grief or feelings of unworthiness, is a great essence of healing, illumination, and love. It’s the basic core of who you are, and it exists as the essence of your very being. In addition, you can concentrate on your excellent qualities and create new neural pathways in your brain that reinforce your true greatness.

How Can You Remember This?

Experiencing your essence often involves going within, through meditation, hypnosis or other ways to focus inward. You can also experience your essence in motion, at a time when your mind stops chattering for an ecstatic moment and you feel uplifted, in a kind of flow. Maybe you’re playing a musical instrument or running or loving – and you feel lifted up beyond ordinary reality.  When you experience this, you know that your thoughts of insufficiency are not real. This experience of your essence can heal fears, anger, grief and all other challenges that come from your mind and thoughts. You resolve to conentrate on  what you want instead of what you don’t want, and in this way, you realize the greatness of who you are.

You Can Shift Your Reality

First have compassion for yourself and be kind in how you speak to yourself. Then see how everything in your life has been an opportunity to grow and expand. You can alter the way you perceive your childhood, your relationships, and your work. You can shift your consciousness level to be able to go beyond your old views of what’s real, to know that you have true worth, that you are the essence, and you merit everything good – great love, success, enlightenment, and   joy.

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