Miracles of Inner Healing for Cancer and Other Illnesses


There is an inner power of healing so great that it can shift matter and transform illness. The mind, together with the powers of higher consciousness, can shrink tumors, cause blood to pump faster or more slowly, and create great mind-body shifts. Here we’ll look at how personal and creative inner imagery, metaphysical healing, connection with the healing power, and transformation of attitude-together with nutritional and other life changes-can heal life-threatening illnesses.

The mind is electromagnetic. It has magnetism and vibration, and it can magnetize or draw in healing events via healing thoughts. This is how it can shift matter. And because we all have creative capabilities, we don’t need scripts or stock visualizations to heal. There is healing imagery in the imagination of each individual. This is personal, intrinsic healing, and it has great power.

Bob Cisowski’s situation is a perfect example of how this has worked skillfully in a challenging situation. In 1994, Bob had an inoperable cancerous tumor in his right lung. He had stopped smoking one year before this, and he had just begun radiation when he came to hypnotherapy for healing. Bob knew that the first thing he needed was to strengthen his ability to stay in a healing consciousness. It was not always easy, as he had a lot of anger and frustration, but he knew that attitude was his first prerequisite for healing. He wanted to go more deeply into meditation, to understand the mental healing process more fully and to be in touch with his spirit. He had a natural spiritual connection and wanted to relate it to this major challenge of his life.

The Metaphysical View

The purpose of radiation was to shrink the tumor away from the spinal column. Because it was so close, it was inoperable. We made Bob a tape, and he imagined the radiation to have healing beams eliminating the cancer cells. We then began a special metaphysical healing technique, which had three steps:

* Close your eyes, and say to yourself, “With the wisdom of my Higher Self and the power of my healing mind, I am healing myself now of all traces of cancer. All the cells of my body are helping now to bring me to perfect health.”
* Visualize the healing process. He chose to visualize the white blood cells coming in and carrying away all traces of the cancerous cells. Then he saw the growth shrinking, and he finally experienced it as gone.
* Then Bob imagined himself going to his doctor. The doctor said, “It’s some kind of miracle. Your cancer is completely gone.”

Then Bob spoke to the consciousness of the cells, saying, “Compete healing is happening in all my cells. You are all working in perfect harmony now.” Bob then imagined a pool of healing water, which was just the right temperature and depth. As he waded in it, he washed away anything his body didn’t need and brought new life to all parts of his body and mind.

He then decided he wanted to envision himself in robust health holding his great grandchildren, feeling joyful, full of faith and life, knowing he’s been blessed with healing. He chose to say “I am healing myself now,” while at the same time putting his thumb together with his index finger. This was a phrase he could use at any time of the day or night. If any difficult thoughts would come up, he could use this phrase and put this thumb together with his index finger to trigger relaxation and reconnection with the power of healing.

Mind-Fields of Healing

By May of 1995, Bob found that he was getting better. His white cell count was normal. He felt as if he’d stepped into a healing consciousness. Now he needed to look more deeply at some of the attitudes that were present when he became ill. At that time, he’d gotten burned out on his job. He had stresses that were getting to him, and he knew he needed to make even better contact with his spirit. In hypnosis, he saw a blue light, and he worked with a divine healer and angel. This helped him to sit more firmly in a healing state.

He was taking a number of supplements prescribed by his alternative doctor, and he’d begun to eat more healthfully and walk more regularly. He decided to create more visualization tools for himself. He imagined himself looking at an x-ray of the tumor, erasing the tumor with a computer-like tool. Then he heard a voice saying, “Your x-ray is totally clear.” He decided to go back into the healing water to wash away all the toxins, flushing them out and completely healing his body. He also directed a beam of light on his body, specifically on the area in need of healing. The beam lifted his spirits and put him into a high healing vibration. Again he did the Metaphysical Healing Technique: “With the wisdom of my Higher Self and the power of my healing mind, I am healing myself now. All the cells of my body are helping now to bring me to perfect health.” He again visualized the growth shrinking and then gone, and once again he spoke to the consciousness of his cells: “You are all healing and working in perfect harmony now.”

By January of 1997, Bob was doing extremely well. He wanted to look more fully at his emotional life and dive even more deeply into his spirit. He was still taking in many nutrients, and his body was becoming strong and alive. He realized he carried anger in him, frustration that he wasn’t allowed to express himself and perfectionism that plagued him. His sickness showed him that it didn’t matter whether he did things perfectly or not. Getting sick made him look at his anger as well. After he got sick, he knew he needed to keep his anger at bay. He realized that the anger was mostly at himself and at things in daily life that didn’t go as planned. His sickness was a blessing for him, as it gave him a handle on his anger. He’d also resolved his fear of death.

Resources in the Spirit

This time, he wanted to work with even more of his spiritual resources. In his deep inner mind, he went to meet his spirit guide, and he experienced the light of healing all around himself. He made a strong connection with the Healing Power, which was continually moving within him, assisting him, bringing healing and love to every part of his body and mind. He realized that he was a part of a vast universe – a perfect working part of something huge, and he knew that he had within himself all the qualities of the spiritual universe-including wisdom, love and light. He felt connected with his favorite animals: the bald eagle, the tiger, and the orca. They gave him power, and he felt relaxed, happy and at peace.

By February of 1997, he began to solidify his plans for the future-to start traveling with his wife, to get a trailer and drive. He went inside himself again to a forest, where he again met his Guide. This opened his heart to great love and total peace. The energy level that came from him was profoundly peaceful.

By June of 2001, he had just turned 63 and was doing great. He had yearly blood tests and x-rays, and everything was fine. He did many things, including radiation-nutrition, some lifestyle changes, and to him the greatest gift was a shift in attitude and his connection with his sprit. He had established emotional stability and spiritual guidance. The cancer had been inoperable, but it shifted in other substantial and incredible ways.

And so it is, with the wisdom of your Higher Self and the power of your healing mind, you can create miracles of healing and shifts in consciousness that profoundly alter the course of your entire life.

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