Success for Your Life – How to Powerfully Transform Four Obstacles to Your Success


Some people don’t fully understand the power of their mind to create success and how they can actually change the way they experience the world. Many others have low self worth, and that’s one of the primary obstacles to creating the success they’d like. Many people also get stuck in the experience of struggle and find it hard to create new ways to live their lives. Still others have a hard time coming back from what they’ve labeled as failure. Of course, there are many more of these inner obstacles, but let’s take a look at these for now and see how they can be transformed.

Your Mind is a Source of Great Power

You are electromagnetic, and what you think about or do has electricity and magnetism in it. That’s why you get what you put out; you’re a magnet for energy. That’s, of course the law of attraction. But there’s more to it. You need to experience this magnetic power all the way through you – all the way to your subconscious mind. That’s why it’s good to clear out your self doubts and negativities by paying attention to them and releasing them. Notice them and ask yourself if you can let them go. Then you’re ready to put forth a type of signal to the world that you’re ready to create a successful life, in whatever way you define that. When you get a clear sense of where you’re going and what you’re manifesting, you create a clear path of energy for moving forward.

Self Worth Determines Your Thoughts and Actions

So many questions may be going through your mind about your ability to do, be and have what you’d like. Some of these questions are: Am I good enough for it? Do I have what it takes? Can I overcome all my fears? Can I handle the pressures of success? Will I know what to do? Will it take me out of my comfort zone? What if I can’t do it? What if it’s not my time? These questions may not be apparent to you, but they’re there, lurking underneath your behaviors and actions. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself looking and feeling just the way you’d like, operating at your highest potential, you can get another vision of yourself. You can also gain more spiritual understanding to see that you’re a mirror of the vast universe with unlimited potential. Then you can raise the bar on the possibilities for your life.

People Get Stuck in the Experience of Struggle

The vast majority of people are stuck in old patterns and ancient mindsets of struggle that seem too daunting to overcome. Do you experience yourself as carrying a burden on your back like the suffering of your ancestors? Does it often feel to you that like the mythical Sisyphus, you push the boulder up the mountain only to have it roll back down again? Is it possible to extricate yourself from this feeling in some way or another? Can you break through it? Imagine that you can. Imagine that no matter how heavy the burden, there’s something in you that can roll the boulder away, take the heavy pack off your back, and fly higher than you’ve ever done before. Keep imagining it, and you will no doubt notice significant results in the way you live your life.

Many People Think They’re Failures

If you make a single mistake, you may take that as a pronouncement on the quality of your entire worth. Are you one of those people who stops after one failure and says, “I can’t do it”? Or if you have one failure, can you tell yourself to keep going because you’re bound to break through one of these days. No one who succeeds has ever done it without failure. Consider those experiences as ways not to proceed, and keep on pursuing the way home, with ultimate faith that you will surely get there.

You have magnificence, greatness, and power in you, and you have the ability to move away the boulders and climb the mountain. You have it all inside.  Just keep on keeping on.

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