Brainwave States for Taking Your Mind to Higher Levels


There are states of mind much deeper and higher than ordinary everyday logical thoughts and judgments. These deeper and higher states can help your mind to focus, deeply relax you, inspire your imagination, remind you of long-forgotten memories, bring you into states of deep meditation, and provide the fuel for creating healing and success.

What Are the Brainwave States?

Here are four of the most important ones: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When you relax deeply, you can access these states of consciousness, and you can miraculously shift the course of your life!

* Beta states create alertness of mind and concentration.

* Alpha states create deep relaxation, visualization, and creativity.

* Theta accesses meditation and intuition. This is an almost magical state of mind in which you may feel like you’re floating and your mind slows down. You may get many mental images, and you may be in touch with your deep subconscious mind.

* Delta is a very slow and deep level of mind in which you may be asleep – and yet there is healing and restoration that’s taking place.

How Can These States Take Your Life to Higher Levels?

Any time you can reach other levels of consciousness, you can access an extraordinary part of your human potential. For example, if you remember that your mind is electromagnetic and that you have the ability to magnetize things to you through your level of thought, you’ll want to reach these deeper levels of mind so that you can send out a clear vibration of what you’re manifesting into your life. If you’re working on healing something, you can reach levels of mind where the healing power resides. If you’d like to transform old memories, look in the deeper places inside. Access the memories in the subconscious, and transform them with higher levels of mind.

What Are the Different Levels of Mind?

There’s the conscious mind, and it’s the part of you that thinks logically and performs everyday functions. There’s your subconscious mind that’s in charge of your bodily functions and is a storehouse of everything that has ever happened to you. It’s a file system or a search engine that contains all the records of your life. The superconscious mind is your higher mind or higher self. It is the healing mind that has the capacity for unconditional love, peace, wisdom, and healing. These are the primary levels of mind, though there are more.

How Do You Reach These States?

There are a number of ways. Some people naturally reach these states doing what they love to do. They naturally go into “flow” states in which they rise above their ordinary thought processes.  Other people are elevated by love or inspiration. Still others go into altered states through physical activity or creativity. Many people reach them via meditation or hypnosis. When you work in altered states of consciousness, you can reach states beyond the ordinary, uncover the roots of habits and issues, and find the healing and wisdom power of the universe that exists inside.

Marilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, healer, award-winning speaker and board certified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy school founder/director, and author. She helps you to transform anything in your life and does telecourses, seminars and sessions. She offers recordings, books, home study courses, and more. Go to http://www.lifetransformationsecrets.com

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