Eight Ways to Overcome the Hurts and Disappointments of the Past


It may be the perfect time for you to move beyond the difficult events of the past. You may have had your share, but it’s always possible to use them as stepping stones to the transformation of your life rather than as impossible boulders in the way.  Maybe you’ve had relationships that for one reason or another haven’t lasted. Perhaps your work or career didn’t go where you expected it to go. Projects that you’ve created many not have achieved the acceptance that you hoped for. No matter what, it’s always possible to move on to another level of your life.

These Are Not Failures, but Steps

You may have been hurt, your ego may have been crushed, you may have had losses, but you have been led through these challenges to the next step in your journey. Someone asked Thomas Edison why he had so many failures in the process of inventing the light bulb. He answered that he didn’t have failures; he found out 10,000 ways for the light bulb not to work, and that was a success for him. So you may have had great challenges along the way, and each one was teaching you that there is yet another step in your process, and you now have the opportunity to move forward in a new way.

Healing the Wounds

Sometimes if you have a boil, it needs to be lanced. In the lancing process, it can be painful, and a lot of “gunk” can be released from inside. But after the wound heals, you’re better than ever, and the old stuff from within has been removed. This can happen with your life if you take the time to heal rather than replay old patterns. A new life is possible.

You’re Being Strengthened

Something in you is being shifted in the process of your growth. Strength is being forged. You needed every lesson on the way to grow you to the point you’re at now so that you can be  filled with wisdom. You needed to have the slights and hurts to open your heart wider. Even if it’s painful at the time, everything that has taken placed in your life can make you stronger. Some people do succumb to the difficulties, but others rise to the occasion and realize their inner power.

Teaching You about Impermanence and Attachment

The Buddha recognized that the greatest cause of human suffering was attachment to the way things have been. Because everything is always in flux, and change is the law of the physical universe, suffering comes from holding onto the ways things were and not the way they are now. Yes, it is appropriate to feel loss and grief when things change, but it’s also possible to let things go when you’re ready and “go with the flow” of life.

Helping You Find Peace, Healing, and Understanding Inside

Perhaps you were left for another in a relationship. You may have felt a profound sense of inadequacy. You may have thought that if only you’d been enough, then you would never have been left. You’d have been treasured. But perhaps there might come a time when you’d let a peaceful part of yourself speak to the hurt part. It might tell you that the end of the relationship had nothing to do with your self worth. Perhaps something was just not right about this relationship. Maybe it wasn’t the right one for you, and as much as you felt it was and wanted to continue it, it was time for it to be over. It didn’t matter if you were a god or goddess (which indeed on some level you are); it was time for it to end, as new parts of your life were ready to unfold. You can reach inside and find this type of guidance and wisdom in any circumstance – and it can help to melt away your pain.

Learn the Art of Forgiveness

When you forgive, you are letting go of the heavy weight of the wounds you’ve been carrying. You choose to release them and the person you feel has perpetrated them. Your forgiveness is an act of grace for you because the problem lifts up and is no longer   weighing you down. It frees both you and the other person. It may be difficult or impossible to forgive. Only do it when you’re ready.

Know You’re Worthy No Matter What

No situation or circumstance can define your worth. You have greatness in you.  You have your life path, and the sacred energy of the universe dwells inside you. No one and nothing can tell you whether you’re a good or bad person or someone who is unworthy of the highest regard and respect.

Focus on the Blessings You Have

Instead of dwelling on what’s wrong in your life, see what gifts you’ve been given, what talents you have, what strengths are naturally yours.  When you focus in this way, you shift your eyes away from what you view as limitations and deficiencies, and you move into the realms in which everything is possible. This is a perfect way to transform your mind and your life.

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