What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration, and Why Take Your Life to a Higher Level?


You are made of electromagnetic energy, and like a magnet, you bring to yourself things, people and events that match the rate of your vibration. So to bring in good fortune, love and happiness and to send those out to the world as well, you want to create as powerful a force field in your being as you can. So how can you increase the quality of your thoughts and feelings and lift yourself to a higher level of life? Read on.

Imagine That You can Take Your Life to an Entirely New Level

What would your life be like if you transformed the thoughts that dragged your energy down? What would it be like to feel a sense of calmness inside and to feel love and happiness? What would it be like to have positive expectations for your life and to have a sense of fulfillment? What would it be like to feel that spiritual connection that reminds you that you’re a truly great human being? Imagine that it’s all possible when you make some significant shifts in your mind, your emotions, your imagination, your sense of possibility and connection with your spiritual self.

Cultivating a More Positive and Happier Mind

Your mind is the number one most significant element in the quality of your life. If you have recurring mental “programs” or thoughts, it can be a heavy weight in your body and mind. If you take everything that happens to you as a “horrible” experience, that can affect your happiness. If you’re critical of yourself or others, or if you tend to get angry easily, you may want to connect with deeper parts of yourself that can lift you up and transform you.

* For one thing, you can begin to “see the advantage of everything.” This means that you look for the positive potentials in everything.

* You can also stand back and observe rather than judge things and events. This gives you the chance to take the negative spin off things and just to observe them as they are.

* You can cultivate gratitude and give thanks for all you have and all you are.

* You can watch the ways you speak to yourself and vow to be more kind.

* You can live with the possibility that a miracle could happen for you – and re-paint the vision of your possible future.

* You can see how your worries are negative thoughts about the future, and you can promise yourself to transform your thinking.

* You can decide to think about what you want instead of what you don’t want so you can attract what you do want into your life.

* You can cultivate the connection with your spiritual self so that you can feel greater peace, happiness and wisdom.

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