5 Ways to Understand the Reasons You Have Addictions and Habits


There are many reasons why you’ve been dealing with repetitive smoking, overeating, nail biting, drinking – or any of the myriad of afflictions and addictions that can take over your life. Knowing what’s at the root of your problems can help you to overcome them. Here are a few of those reasons.

You’ve Hypnotized Yourself

Did you ever think that you might be doing self hypnosis to make yourself think that something you’re doing is good or satisfying? Did you ever entertain the idea that you could get your needs met in other ways? You’ve hypnotized yourself to believe that if you eat or smoke or drink something, then everything will be solved in your life or your life will be better. You’ve made it up, and you can choose now to see the light. You can look at how you’ve been selling yourself a bill of goods, and you can make the changes.

Corporate Decisions

Nowadays, many corporations have made decisions to alter the foods or substances that¬†¬† they sell you, decisions that make you want to buy what they sell, that are inexpensive for them to produce, and that hopelessly addict you to their products. Some bakeries put huge amounts of sugary substances into their products. Some tobacco companies put extra chemicals in. You can read about these practices if you like, and it can help you to say that there’s something else that’s here for you in your life, and you can choose to shift your habits right now.

Stuffing Your Feelings

It’s a well-known fact that many people stuff themselves with food and other substances in order to keep away their dominant thoughts and feelings. It’s like putting a wall of cotton around something so that it won’t be hurt or even seen. Instead of participating in your feelings or thoughts, calming them, or transforming them, it’s a way of pushing them down, not allowing them to be acknowledged and then transformed. This too, can shift when you find good ways to handle what’s going on inside.

Where Your Head is At

Everyone operates from natural state of consciousness. Everyone has his or her own styles of thinking or living. Some people like to hang out in bars. Some people like to hang out in libraries. Others like back alleys. And still others like palaces. In any of these places, habits and addictions can take hold. Your habits are determined by your predilections or life choices.

Genetic Patterns

Some people come here with a natural love of alcohol. Others want to smoke like chimneys. Others want to chew tobacco, and still others want to chew on their nails. Sometimes your ancestors have been the forerunners of these habits. In this case, you recognize it, and you can choose to start over again.

Soul Patterns

Many people in our world believe in past lives, and they believe that patterns are carried over from lifetime to lifetime in order to be healed and transformed in the current time. This means that they may have had smoking habits when they lived in Victorian England, or they may have had used drugs in ancient Greece or Rome. They still have the opportunity to make a shift in this life now.

Healing can Happen Now

Whatever maybe the reason for your habits, you are here now, and this moment is eternally new. There is always the possibility to make the shifts whenever you make the decision to do so. Changing a habit begins with the healing decision, the decision that you’ve had enough, and you’re ready for a new phase of your life right here and now.

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