Three Great Powers of Your Mind for Healing and Success


You Can’t Overestimate the Power of Your Mind

Whatever you’re thinking determines the kind of world you’re living in. Your mind is one of the primary creators of your life. And your thoughts are intimately connected with your feelings. Your mind sends and receives frequency and vibration, and the nature of your thoughts determines the very quality of your life.  John Milton said, “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.”

You are electromagnetic, as are your thoughts and feelings. You bring things to yourself on the same wave length as that which you’re emitting in both thoughts and feelings. So if you wish to bring the highest good into your life, you need to train yourself to be in harmony with those higher vibrations. Then you’re a powerful magnet for your good.

The Ups and Downs of Your Thoughts

You go through so many flows of thoughts throughout your days and nights. Up one minute, down another minute, reacting to stimuli according to deeply ingrained habits of mind, family conditioning, what you’ve decided upon as your reality, the belief systems of your social groups, and more.  Either consciously or unconsciously, you’re choosing your thoughts and realities all the time.  The great thing about this is that you can choose to shift your thinking at any moment. You can choose to leap into an entirely different frame of mind.

What Thoughts are You Thinking and What Words are You Saying?

You can think at higher and higher levels on a regular basis.
Ask yourself this question:

“What would my Wise Mind tell you about these thoughts?”
Your Wise Mind might tell you something like this:

“You, highly deserve the fulfillment of your aspirations. You have much to offer humanity. You are not only as good as you’d like to be; you’re even better than you know. No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, there is always the moment that you take a leap beyond all that, and you move into fulfillment and realization. What you think are your failures are actually learning experiences you needed on your way to this moment now.  Everything is working out beautifully for you now. It is coming to fruition in its perfect time. You are a great success””

Another Way to Turn Your Thoughts Around

And here is another important way to turn your thoughts around. It’s something you already know, and when you hear it, you’ll say, ‘Well, that’s obvious.’ But it’s of the highest significance. Here it is: Be Grateful. You can begin to say, “Thank you for my…. and my….and my…” and then you’ll see that you are indeed lucky and already blessed.
‘Thank you for my food and my comfortable bed and my friends and all my gifts, the inner ones and the outer ones’ – and you can continue on with this. You’ll find a miraculous shift into a whole different level of thought and feeling.”

You know this already, though it’s sometimes easy to forget, especially when the Gremlin of “Not Enough” enters your habitual mind.. And through the vehicle of gratitude, there’s also the feeling-flow of love. This is an uplifted state.

How Do You Speak to Yourself?

It’s also good to speak positive, affirming words to yourself. You’ll know the ones that have particular power for you. Here’s what someone I know says to himself whenever he wants or needs to:

‘Everything always works out for me.
‘I’m lucky.
‘I’m blessed.
‘I’m loved.
‘I expect miracles, and I get miracles.
‘The universe is doing everything at perfect speed for me.’

Your Mind is a Power Center

Your mind is a power center, and it can create for you a world of abundance and peace. See how you can transform your reality with the electromagnetic power of your thoughts. Your mind is a magnet, and with awareness, you can be at the center of this divine operation.

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