How to Overcome Discouragement and Transform Your Life


Just about everyone gets discouraged at some point or another in their lives. Some people try to do something once, and if it doesn’t immediately work, they give up right away. Others have a bit more fortitude, and they hang in there for a while longer. Some people just keep on keeping on. They never give up, and finally one day, the rainbow appears, the sun appears in the sky, and the band starts playing – well, maybe not all this, but  results begin to take place when they least expect it. How do you overcome discouragement and keep on going when it seems most bleak? How do you keep your faith and your smile and your hopes up? How do you keep on going?

The Power of the Bright Side

First of all,  you need to know that looking  at the dark and hopeless side is only one way of looking at the situation at hand. Allowing this constriction in your thinking is seeing only one side of the coin. If you were taking a walk one day, and that walk seemed endless and interminable, you might not see that just a few feet away and around a corner, there’s a whole new life. If you had stopped and never turned that corner, you’d have missed the answer that could have shifted the course of your entire life. So if you can expand your mind beyond the moment of discouragement, and you see beyond that moment, you can find the solution when the time comes for the universe to hand it to you. That’s your magic moment, and it comes at just the right time.

The Power of Thoughts

Next, shift the nature of your thoughts. See if your thoughts are taking you deeper into the problem or into the solution. See if you can dream about what you’d like to have happen – instead of what you fear. Keep moving your mind into an upward direction. Choose to shift your thoughts from what you fear to what you want. Keep focused.

The  Power of Emotions

Also, pay attention to the way you feel. Experience your feelings, but don’t wallow in them. See if there’s worry, negative thoughts, tiredness – or any other feelings that pull you down. Then breathe into them, and as you exhale, breathe these negativities away, and imagine yourself as you’d like to be. Keep this vision close to your heart, and allow it to manifest for you when the time is right.

The Power of Meditation

You can also meditate if you be come discouraged. Become quiet and see if  voices of encouragement will come through from the core of yourself. Sometimes, when your mind is still, the light can shine through from deep inside. You also need to move your body, exercise, rest and listen to whatever messages wish to come up from within.

Take a look at this story:

This man had an unhappy childhood with much conflict in his home. He was plagued by depression, anxiety, and fear. He also became interested in intellectual pursuits, though he had suicidal feelings. One night, he had an “inner transformation,” and there was just peace, a feeling of “beingness.” After that, everything was miraculous and peaceful at the core. Eventually he became a counselor and spiritual teacher, and Eckhart Tolle then became a best-selling author with The Power of Now.

There are thousands of stories just like this. If you never give up, you can shine like a million stars and transform your life.

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