Success Techniques for Transforming Obstacles and Creating Results


When you have great aspirations and you’re reaching higher in your life, there are sometimes obstacles that come up not only externally, but from within you. Fortunately there are tools that you can use to transform these inner challenges. Here are four powerful techniques that you can use right away to move the obstacles away and come into a place of personal power.

Creating Success by Finding Inner Resources

Close your eyes for a few moments, take in a deep breath, and allow yourself to relax. In your deep inner mind, imagine a time when you overcame an obstacle. You allow yourself to know deeply within yourself the feeling of a breakthrough, the experience of overcoming a hurdle, the feeling of coming through to the other side of something. Allow yourself to feel this success, and find a word or phrase that symbolizes this experience of success. You then put your thumb together with your index finger, and you say your word or phrase to yourself as you anchor this deep feeling of having been successful. Now apply this feeling to your current situation and remind yourself that you have the tools inside to overcome any obstacles.

Handling Worries

Find something you worry about, and remind yourself that you’re projecting a negative thought onto the future. Decide then to think about and feel what you want instead of what you don’t want. Write down a new projected picture that’s life-fulfilling and positive to replace the old limited fear thoughts. Breathe into your worries over and over, and imagine with each breath that the worry thoughts are disappearing. Come back to the new positive image that you’re creating in your mind, and imagine it in as much vivid detail as possible.

Connecting with Your Wisdom

Your Wise Mind is the higher faculty of advanced consciousness and guidance. Imagine an issue for which you’d like a solution. Ask yourself this question: “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?” Listen to the answer, and see how it can impact your life.

Transforming Limitations

Close your eyes and relax as deeply as possible by counting backwards from ten to one and breathing on each count. Go deeply inside and experience the part of yourself that holds you back. Experience it as a person inside yourself. Speak kind words to that part, telling it that it’s a new time now, and you can move forward with courage and the power you’re receiving from your wise inner voice.

You have profound inner resources, gifts, and talents for moving yourself and your life forward. You’ve already overcome many obstacles and you have the ability to overcome them in your current situation. Just say to yourself, “I am confident and optimistic, and my mind travels in the realms of positive thought force. Everything has a way of working itself out.” Your mind will take you to solutions that are for your highest good.

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