The Chilean Miners: A Mythic Story of Shamans and the Subconscious Mind


The story of the Chilean miners who descended into the earth and were ultimately retrieved and reborn – is a mythic tale. It’s fascinating and has the most profound meaning that’s inherent in all cultures and for all time. It’s a story about shamans or healers, about the underworld of the subconscious mind, about rebirth that even touches on the story of Jesus who rose from the dead. Interestingly enough, Chile has a deep tradition of Shamanism or healing and provided a perfect location for this mythic tale.

Shamans and Healing

Shamans came to this earth to heal and teach. But first they had to undergo their own transformation – and in some cases, this process was painful, arduous, even tragic – as they often went to the brink of death. They underwent illness and suffering, and when the time was right, they awakened to new life. They were then ready to be healers and teachers.

The Healing Mission of the Miners

The Chilean miners had a healing mission too. They were underground (in the mythic underworld) for two months. The first 17 days brought suffering, starvation, and life-threatening conditions. Their healing mission was to bring hope (“esperanza”) to others in the world who also are struggling with having fallen into their own types of underworlds. The love they brought to the surface when they came back from their underground world brought healing and happiness, if only for the moment, to the world.

The Subconscious Mind

So it is with the deep subconscious mind – especially if someone is going through profound challenges like illness, loss, or strife of any kind.  It’s a time of travelling to the underworld of the deep inner mind with all of its fears and darkness. But there is a time when the travail is over and the healing happens. This process can take place in healing sessions as well, in which you may go to the deepest inner place of human dilemmas and finally emerge with wisdom and strength.

What the Miners Found

The miners went down deeply into their subconscious and experienced their fears. They then found the superconscious, their faith and connection with God, and then they came back to earth, the conscious mind, where they emerged as transformed beings. They can never be the same again.

A Story of Rebirth

The Phoenix (or Fenix) capsule in which the miners were brought back to the surface – penetrated the opening into the mine – and through this action, a rebirth could take place. It’s primal and is the story of birth and rebirth of all beings, with the exception only of those brought here by divine conception alone.

The Meaning for Everyone

It’s okay to descend into the depths of the underworld. There are profound lessons there – shaping and molding character, developing courage and faith, and coming back to the surface as a transformed being. This is the story that is shared by all of us, and it’s the mythic tale of enlightenment and healing that is the cornerstone of life.

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