The Lily Pad Visualization for Confidence


Here’s a visualization to surround yourself with the great things you’ve done.

“You’re in a fantastic castle looking down from a high tower. The day is balmy, and you can see everything with great clarity. You feel a sense of expectancy as you look down and see a moat surrounding the castle. The water is a pristine blue, and there are waves created by the breeze. Floating on the water are lily pads, one after another. You feel a sense of awe as you see an image sitting on one of the lily pads, floating by one by one slowly and gracefully.

“On the first lily pad is a replica of something in which you’ve succeeded in your life, something that is one of your achievements, no matter how large or small. You take it in and acknowledge it. Then another lily pad floats by on the water of the moat, and you find another replica of something that you’ve done or been in your life that’s been successful and joyful. Then a third lily pad floats before you, and on this one is also something that you’ve done well. Now a fourth one, with yet again a replica of something that is favorable for you. Now a fifth and last accomplishment floats by on the last lily pad.

“Now see if there’s a word or a phrase that symbolizes how you feel about these successes, and you say the word to yourself, anchoring it by pressing your thumb together with your index finger. Each time you say this word and press your thumb and finger together, you experience these good feelings again, and you reinforce your great feelings about yourself. You know of course, that you need nothing external to prove your worth. You’re already worthy in the very essence of yourself. This visualization just helps you to remember.”

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