Positive Mind – Eight Great Ways to Handle Your Worries


It seems like there are a lot of people worrying these days. Even if they’re not naturally prone to worrying, they can find something in the world to worry about. It’s not necessary to go through a litany of things that seem worrisome. You can create a list in less than a minute. But is there some alternative to this recital of all the possible negative things that can and might happen? Is there another way?

Yes, there’s more than one alternative. And here’s the first: Recognize that when you worry, you’re projecting your negative thoughts onto the future. You’re creating the worst possible scenario. You’re painting pictures with a shadowy paintbrush. This recognition is your acknowledgement that you have some responsibility in this matter and that there is some choice here. Take a look at your negative projections. Seeing that there’s another possibility and that you can take an alternate point of view if you like is an important step in shifting your worrying mind.

Next, tell yourself to think about what you want instead of what you don’t want. See that when you worry, you’re making a mental list of what you don’t want. And since your mind is electromagnetic in its very nature, it attracts what it thinks about. So decide to think about what you want instead.

Then you can create in your mind or write down new projected pictures that are life-fulfilling and positive, even if you feel at a given moment that they may be difficult or impossible. Think new projections anyway, and shift your thinking onto another level. Think about, write about, record it or put it on your computer – the thoughts, feelings, images, projections of what might be possible if and when everything goes well for you.

Next, here’s a fascinating idea from a man named Noah St. John. He changed the word “affirmations” into “afformations” and decided to express what he wanted in the form of questions. It goes like this “Why am I so rich, happy, loving, loved? – Or whatever words express what you’d like to see in your life. “Why do I receive so much good luck?” “Why is my life getting better and better every day?” You phrase these the way you’d like to phrase them for yourself. Noah says that the brain likes and responds to questions. Try it. These “afformations” can help you to feel very expanded and uplifted.

Another way to work with your worries is to find a part of yourself that habitually feels doubt, insecurity, and worry. Imagine going over to that part of yourself and perhaps putting your arm around him or her no matter how old that part of yourself might be. Then you reassure that part that it’s okay, that everything’s okay, and that vast improvement is coming now. Then you watch that part grow courageous and confident and integrated with who you are now.

It also always helps to work with your breathing. Breathe in deep breaths, and bring those breaths into your worries. Then exhale and as you do, exhale them into the universe as you transform the way you’re feeling.

Here’s a major question you can ask yourself: “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this situation?” Your Wise Mind is the part of you that knows the answers and has great wisdom. If it’s something positive, you know it’s coming from this source of wisdom, and you can listen to it telling you the truth.

Tell yourself comforting positive things like:
‘Everything will work out for me. It always does.
‘This may be a challenge, but tough times don’t last.
‘Everything will be fine in the end.
‘I don’t know how this will be solved, but I know it will.
‘I think about what I want and not what I don’t want.
‘I’m grateful, and I think grateful thoughts.

Your mind can always be transformed if you look upward and don’t dwell on the difficult things. There’s such thing as faith, and when you cultivate it, you can open yourself to miracles and expanded possibilities that are waiting to be seen.

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