Healing and Transforming from Darkness into Light


There is a topsy-turvy, cataclysmic quality to what is
happening in our world. It is truly fuel for transformation.
This is a transformative time for you and me–all of us.
Old patterns, thoughts, and feelings are coming to the
surface, ready to be transformed.

So many of these old patterns that all of us carry are
unconscious. We don’t even know they’re present in us.
But they are sustained and built up over our lifetime
and beyond, and they are often similar to one another.
They form a chain of old similar incidents and feelings.

Pretty soon I’m going to be teaching more about all of
this, as finding these patterns and allowing them to
dissolve is one of the most important things we can do
in our lives. These pain patterns have been covering over
our greatness, and now they can be revealed, felt,
experienced and transformed.

Categories : Healing, Hynotherapy