Hypnosis – Little-Known Mysterious Facts about the Power of Suggestion


You already know that suggestion is powerful, but most people don’t know the full extent of its influence. This includes autosuggestion in which you make suggestions or affirmations to yourself, or it can be about others making suggestions to you. Suggestion happens with words repeated over and over, with deep emotions, with mental pictures, and especially with “belief.” It’s very potent, and we haven’t even fathomed the extent of the law of suggestion in our world and in history. Let’s take a look at all this and what  it means for you.

Proof of Its Power

The power of suggestion is significant in politics. Certain politicians are highly influential and seem to “hypnotize” people into believing what they tell them to believe. They use language to appeal to the subconscious mind, and they have the power of influence. This power is also significant in advertising, in which persuasion has a hypnotic effect on many susceptible people. Likewise, in history, many demagogues and other leaders have used suggestion for power. Look at Hitler and Stalin and others who’ve repeated slogans over and over as their beliefs took hold in the subconscious minds of the masses. In religion, the power of suggestion is great as well. Parents and other influential adults have made suggestions about their world view to their children and their students. And the beliefs have taken hold. The same goes for sports, business, and education. The power of suggestion works to create healing as well.

Repetition of Words

Words repeated over and over can be readily accepted by the subconscious mind –  especially as the conscious or everyday mind is made quiet. Chants or mantras or rituals can make the conscious mind almost drowsy so the subconscious mind will more readily accept suggestions. Through this process, you create “belief,” and belief has a potent effect on the deep inner mind as well.  Then emotions enter the picture and mental images. When something is accepted as possible and these other factors are present, changes in behavior can take place.

Healing with Suggestion

When belief, mental pictures, repeated words, and deep emotions exist, healing is possible. A true shift in circumstances can take place. Hypnosis relaxes the conscious mind so that  the subconscious mind can receive the messages of shifts and changes to come, and anything then becomes possible. You can create new pathways in the brain, neural pathways, containing information about new behaviors that will make any changes you’d like. You  just need to relax the conscious mind, repeat the information, amplify the process with mental pictures and positive emotional states, and you can  make powerful changes.

The Superconscious Mind

You can also involve the Superconscious Mind, the spiritual self, in this process, bringing in love, wisdom, and healing power. In this case, you super-charge the healing process and create what seem to be miracles. They can be miraculous, and they are also events that can be understood by examining our true inner powers.

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