Introducing Peter Puppy, Who Will Help You and the Children You Love to Feel Relaxed and Calm


I’ve been busy making some shifts in my own world, and I’m ready to tell you about one of them.
I’m creating new programs and offerings, and I’m revealing one of them in a
preview of coming attractions today. It’s not finished yet, but it’s getting there,
and I’m finally ready to tell you about it.

It’s a book for children 3-8 called Calm Down, Peter Puppy. It’s about an adorable
furry white Pomeranian puppy who’s a little ball of energy. His mommy tells him that he needs
to calm down, and so she and the other furry dogs in his family help him to feel
relaxed and calm through some amazing things that they do. As you might have guessed,
I’m using hypnotic techniques, Gordonian hypnosis to be specific, and tons of love
to help Peter and all the children and their families who read and listen to this book
and audiobook. It will be available soon!

I have an awesome artist who lives in Moldova, near Russia. I love the talent and heart
she’s putting into this project, and here are two of her great creations,
which I’m revealing for the first time.

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