Hypnosis: What’s Good About Being a Hypnotherapist? Six Reasons You’d Want to Be One


Have you thought about being a hypnotist or hypnotherapist? If it’s been in your mind, perhaps it’s time to get your certification. If this is the first time the idea has come to you, check it out and see how it might work for you. You can do it as a profession, or you can do it whenever you like as a way to help people and earn money as well. Here are six reasons why it could be the next great thing for you to do:

Help People When They’ve Tried Almost Everything Else

There are issues of great consequence to people’s lives, the solutions for which they’ve been searching. After wandering near and far from one modality to another, they can find themselves getting in touch with you, and you may just have what they’ve been looking for. Hypnosis can solve people’s problems in very deep ways, and there is no end to the solutions that people can find in so many areas.  They might be able to finally solve the problem of overeating or how to overcome their fears, or let go of old difficult habits, like smoking. They might want to address their spiritual concerns, overcome their perceived failures and create success, and finally solve the lack of self esteem.

Solve Things that Traditional Methods Might Have Missed

Sometimes traditional modalities can miss deeper understandings of the issues in people’s lives. Hypnotists can often find out what’s really going on inside people. You can see how a particular behavior is connected with emotions – why, for example, a student might be doing poorly in school because of emotional or other reasons, or why certain feelings might be creating physical symptoms like rashes or body pains.

Help People to Relax

Some people have no idea how to relax. They may have trouble sleeping or feel tense much of the time. And when they come to have an experience of hypnosis, they can finally relax. They might sigh with great relief or smile with joy. Hypnosis is a state of profound relaxation and in itself creates a state of healing and an opportunity to transform any issue of life.

Access the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is one of the most powerful parts of the self. It operates the automatic processes of the body. It is highly suggestible, and suggestions made to it can affect any behavior and make important changes in any area of life. You can help     people (and yourself) stop smoking via suggestions or change your food habits or create greater success.

Set Your Own Work Hours

You can work full or part time, increase your income, and make a contribution to people at the same time. It’s great to have your own business, either in addition to a current job or as your own full time enterprise.

Help People Do Better in Any Area

It’s extraordinarily fulfilling to see peoples’ lives improve after you’ve shown them the way. People can excel in sports, shift their diets, deepen their spiritual growth, improve their health, transform their emotions, shine in school and on tests – thrive in any area at all.

If you’d like to transform your own life and become a hypnotherapist, check out our hypnotherapy certification program at   Our certification intensive begins June 27. Marilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, healer, school director, and author with 30 years of experience.

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