Healing with Water


Here’s another excerpt from *Healing is Remembering Who You Are.* It’s one of over 20 special healing techniques in the book:

Healing with Water

Water is a basic element of your being. It composes a major percentage of your chemical makeup. It was your early fetal environment; it grows life and it also destroys life. It has great healing and transformative powers, on both physical and inner levels. Water visualizations can wash clean old emotions and can regenerate bodies and spirits as well. You can imagine that you are in a pool of water, a waterfall, a pond—or even the ocean, and you are washing away negativity, illness and pain. If you have a fear of water, you need only wade in or splash the water on yourself. If you are an enthusiast, you can dive in and explore the depths of the ocean, glide past the undersea ocean life, and clear away your difficulties. You can clean the dirt of childhood abuse or the pain of anger, fear, guilt, and grief.

From Marilyn Gordon’s book, Healing is Remembering Who You Are

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