From *Healing is Remembering Who You Are* by Marilyn Gordon


Your Healing Essence

In 1970, someone suggested I go to a yoga class. I needed something. I was a burnt-out, frazzled ex-teacher, and desperately needed to find some peace. I went to a building that smelled of fresh- baked bread, incense and sweet wood, and I climbed the stairs to an upper room full of spacious windows and green vibrant plants. We did yoga postures, and then we did something that changed my life forever; we relaxed so deeply, that I was transported into another state of consciousness. I had never been able to relax this way before. It soothed my raw nerves, but it also did much more. It altered my vision, my perspective. It pointed me inward to my own essence. And from that point on, I dedicated myself to understanding what that essence was about.

Essence is a strong inner core.

I came to learn that this essence is a strong inner core that belongs to everyone; it has the qualities of love, wisdom, and strength. I realized that it’s a natural state of elevated consciousness, a natural high of love and power that everyone is looking for and is most often trying to find in outward ways—looking for the sweetness of love in sweet food—or for the closeness in a relationship—or for the re-experience of that original state in drugs or alcohol. I found out that the loss of this state is experienced as loneliness, abandonment, depression and lack of love. Underneath all the problems of life, underneath the anger, illness, grief, or feeling of unworthiness, there is an essence that can heal.

The child knows essence naturally.

Babies have the natural experience of this essence. Later our natural illumination is dimmed as we learn from parents and others that our personality is all that exists. For the rest of our lives we’re looking to get back to that original state of love. Most adult problems stem from lack of contact with the inner experience of essence, but fortunately we do have the fundamental capacity for healing.

Barriers to essence can be dissolved.

Healing pain, stress, fear and abuse is not about seeking external solutions or palliatives. It is about remembering this deep inner core that has been covered over by layer after layer of worldly experience, conditioning and personality. While therapy is often about examining the issues of the personality, inner healing or “remembering” is about going directly to the place of love and understanding and from this place dissolving the barriers that are in the way of self- knowledge. It is about peeling off the layers of life experiences and revealing your essence to yourself once again.

Shine the light of essence to heal all wounds.

When you free this essence, then other parts of you—weaker, disenfranchised part of your personality—are seen in a new way. When you shine a light on these places, the illumination changes them. Sometimes the light disintegrates the weaker parts and they disappear—but more often, it makes them whole. By shedding light on the difficult places in your personality, you can bring to them love, wisdom, peace, joy, and understanding—and they will never again be the same. The process is not “therapy”—but a return to who you really are.

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