Guided Visualizations to Soothe the Soul and Stimulate Success


Guided visualizations can create remarkable results. They use the extraordinary powers of the inner mind to create significant life shifts in healing, relaxation, and success.  They affect parts of the brain and mind that respond to suggestions and send out frequencies to alter the circumstances of life. Not everyone, of course, can visualize. Some people hear things; others feel them. Still others think about them. Whatever ways that people receive information is fine, a long as they’re informed that they might not receive a guided visualization with inner visions. Any way of receiving the message will work.

Special Kinds of Visualizations

What follows are some stories that form the basis of powerful visualizations that you can do with yourself or others. One visualization about Lily Pads is to enhance a sense of confidence. The Theater of Your Soul visualization is to give you a sense of your greatest self. The next one about Meeting Your Guide gets you in touch with inner guidance.  The others are about Inner Light and Deep Peace.

Delivering the Visualizations

Do an induction or deep relaxation first. I like counting numbers backwards and suggesting relaxation of body and mind. Make sure you do this first when you deliver the guided visualizations, as you need to prepare yourself and others to receive the visualization’s message. Deliver the material slowly, and use a peaceful voice. I like to avoid the words “I want you to,” and say more gentle words, such as “Just let yourself…” or “Just go ahead and…” Then you can begin.

The Lily Pad Visualization for Confidence

Here’s a visualization to surround yourself with the great things you’ve done.

“You’re in a fantastic castle looking down from a high tower. The day is balmy, and you can see everything with great clarity. You feel a sense of expectancy as you look down and see a moat surrounding the castle. The water is a pristine blue, and there are waves created by the breeze. Floating on the water are lily pads, one after another. You feel a sense of awe as you see an image sitting on one of the lily pads, floating by one slowly and gracefully.

“On the first lily pad is a replica of something in which you’ve succeeded in your life, something that is one of your achievements, no matter how large or small. You take it in and acknowledge it. Then another lily pad floats by on the water of the moat, and you find another replica of something that you’ve done or been in your life that’s been successful and joyful. Then a third lily pad floats before you, and on this one as well is something that you’ve done well. Now a fourth one, with yet again a replica of something that is favorable for you. Now a fifth and last accomplishment floats by on the last lily pad.

“Now see if there’s a word or a phrase that symbolizes how you feel about these successes, and you say the word to yourself, anchoring it by pressing your thumb together with your index finger. Each time you say this word and press your thumb and finger together, you experience these good feelings again, and you reinforce your great feelings about yourself. You know of course, that you need nothing external to prove your worth. You’re already worthy in the very essence of yourself. This visualization just helps you to remember.”

The Theater of Your Soul to Experience Your Greatest Self

Do you have a dream and a purpose to fulfill? Are you looking for yours? Do you know what in you is beyond the ordinary?

“Just imagine for a moment that you’re walking into a theater, and you sit down in the audience. Now, this is no ordinary theater. It’s The Theater of the Soul – so you know it’s going to be a special production today as you sit in the audience and look out at the curtains. These, of course, are no ordinary curtains either. They’re your most powerful color, and they’re made of fabric that you love.

“It’s almost show time, so you feel a sense of anticipation as you’re waiting for the curtains to rise. Now the lights begin to dim, some music (that you love, of course) begins to play, and the curtains begin to reveal what’s onstage. Lo and behold, you see yourself on the stage, looking and feeling exuberant and radiant. You’re getting ready to do your own presentation. You see yourself dressed in clothes you love, and you’re ready now to do what you came here to do onstage.

“Here you are doing, being and having what you know you came here for. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Are there any words that express this? Any feelings in you? What is your body like? Experience yourself as fully present in this moment, in your greatness, making your contribution to the world.

“Is there a word or phrase that can symbolize this? See if one comes up from deeply within yourself, and then put your thumb together with your index finger, as you say this word or phrase to yourself. This empowers you and anchors the state of greatness within your being.

“Now take a moment to imagine one thing that you can do now that would express your greatness, one small shift you can make in your life that will take your journey to a new level.”

 Meeting Your Inner Guide or Healer

Meeting your guide or healer is often a revelation, leading you deeply into your guidance and healing power.
“Imagine yourself walking through a wooded area or in a magnificent garden or on a sandy beach. You begin to walk and come upon a cave. Because you have curiosity, you peer into the opening of the cave, and you spot a being inside who’s friendly and inviting. He or she invites you to come in (or comes to the opening of the cave) and tells you that he or she is a special emissary of the Wise Mind who wishes to give you some wisdom and understanding to bring light to your life. You listen and find out some wisdom for your life. Your guide may also offer healing power to you. You follow his or her instructions and heal your body and your mind.”

Experiencing the Inner Light

The light is within you to heal, comfort, and enlighten. It’s always good to experience it.

“Imagine yourself with light all around you. Just imagine now that you’re able to make contact with light in one of its forms. You may see it or feel it or think about it or just know it’s there. You can allow this light to beam upon you. Now you may want to imagine that the light is beaming from you – from your heart, solar plexus, or the center of your forehead. You may imagine yourself surrounded in light, bathed in illuminating light rays. The light can be strong or gentle. It can melt away any difficulties of your body or mind. It has profound healing power.

“The light can heal any part of you inside that needs to be healed. If you have any type of ailment in your body or mind, you can just allow it to be bathed in light. If you have any discomforts, they can be infused with light rays. You can also send the light to another. If you like, you can send light to someone who has passed to the other side. Within you is brilliant light, and it radiates a higher peaceful vibration. Imagine yourself transformed positively by this higher vibration.”

Knowing Deep Peace

There is peace at the very core of you. When you relax enough, you can find it.

“Allow yourself to experience your breathing by paying close attention to its flow. Your breath moves in and your breath moves out, and you understand that this is also the flow of the universe. Your breath is the energy of the universe, and you are the energy of the universe. You understand this as you take the time now to dive into the center of yourself, where there is pure peace. You can go to the core of the Self, the still point of the inner world, the place that is the beginning and end of all healing and transformation.
This experience of peace may be without words or pictures or sounds. Or it may bring forth images or words or sounds that evoke this deep experience in you. You can experience the total stillness and quiet that lives at the center of your true nature.
This is a sanctuary in your soul.”

The Great Power of Inner Visualization

You can transform anything in your life from the inside out. When you meditate, visualize and do hypnosis, you are transmitting frequencies that are picked up by physical matter. You affect matter and make significant shifts in your life and in the lives of others. Keep on doing it, and you will have and become what you’d like. Your dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.

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