Does Everything Happen for a Reason? What Do You Think?


Do you believe that everything happens for a reason, even if you can’t see why at the time? Do you sense that there is divine purpose in the universe?  Or is everything happening at random? Or, in another sense, do thoughts create everything that’s taking place? 
According to Divine Order, everything is unfolding as it needs to unfold for reasons which you may or may not understand. There is a truth that’s higher and deeper than your everyday mind can fathom.  And if you wait long enough, you’ll find out the deeper meanings about why things are happening.
 On the other hand, according to the Law of Attraction, thoughts have created the current reality. And, according to A Course in Miracles and many other sacred texts, there just seems to be a reality in what’s happening, but everything is just an illusion, and the only truth is in the One spirit. 
Take the Case of Haiti
Haiti is a case in point. Is there a divine purpose being served here? Our creative imaginations will find many “reasons” for the huge challenges taking place, but you may need to wait to find the real meaning of it all. The trick is being able to have compassion and deep feeling while at the same time being able to leap into the state of the witness as you watch it all unfold.
Maybe that’s part of the world transformation that’s taking place – that through these huge challenges, hearts are being opened exponentially. Maybe we’re supposed to join together in closer communities and share our lives in a greater sense. And maybe that’s the real meaning of social networking – that we’re coming together more closely than ever before. Maybe with the challenges on  our planet, becoming close with one another is one of the greatest methods of survival that we could imagine.
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