Release Techniques


The Wise Mind Process
 © Marilyn Gordon 2006

1) Pay attention to what’s going on inside.  Describe it to yourself.

2) Take a deep breath in, and breathe deeply into whatever you’re experiencing.
    As you breathe out, disperse it. Break it up into tiny molecules, and release it.
    Do this as many times as you like.

3) Ask your Wise Mind what it would like to tell you about this.

4) Imagine yourself as you’d like to be. Then, find a word or phrase that symbolizes the healing of the experience or issue. Put your thumb together with your index finger, and say your word or phrase.

    Check to see how you feel, and see if there’s anything else you need to pay
         attention to. You can do the process again and also ask yourself if there is anything  else you need to do to heal this issue. Do this process as often as you like at any time.

The Letting Go Technique
Adapted from The Sedona Method

Ask yourself these questions about anything that’s going on in your life, and answer them:
Would you like to pay attention to it?
Could you accept it for now?
Would you let go of it?
Would you let go of it more?
Could you let go?
When would you like to release it?

The Feeling Good Technique
From Dr. Robert Anthony

Whenever you have a thought that isn’t productive or is negative, say to yourself:
“I choose to feel good now.”

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