How Your Current Challenges Can Help You in Mysterious Ways


Are you going through changes that have taken you out of your comfort zones? You don’t have to do a litany of the difficulties you may be facing. You know them all too well. When challenged in these ways, some people fall into the abyss. Others know the art of turning everything around. You can tell yourself that a great purification is going on right now, and a multitude of blessings are coming from the challenges of the times. Read on to see how to turn everything around to create happiness and abundance.

Turning Everything Around

In the movie “Life is Beautiful,” the hero and his small son are in a concentration camp. The father’s humor helps convince his son that the Holocaust is a contest to win a tank, and the line they’re marching in is a parade. Later when the war is over and the little boy survives, he sees an American tank, and he feels he’s won the game. When the boy grows up, he realizes all his father had done for him to help him shift his consciousness and uplift his spirit. Not that you’re dealing with something that drastic, but you can work with your own mind to perceive the changes in the world in very transformational ways.
What if This is Really the Best of Times?

A number of people truly believe that we’re undergoing a consciousness revolution. One great teacher, Siva Baba, says “Behind the clouds, the sun is shining. We’ll see a Golden Age. There will be some calamities, manmade and natural, but everyone living now is very fortunate. Changes are happening for all humanity, and you’ll be drenched with light.” At this moment, you may be experiencing limitations, but you can experience more freedom and happiness by remembering this light and the huge potentials that lie at the core of your soul.

Are You Ready for a Miracle?

Why not? Why not open to the possibilities of miracles of any kind – especially the miracles that will liberate your life? First look for resources within yourself that you didn’t even know you had. Open your mind to the possibilities of great things happening. You may not know what they are, but you can open to good fortune at any time. Another resource is your creativity. What can you create beyond what you’ve ever created before? Can you imagine new ways to bring in income? Can you create a spiritual openness to give and derive great energy? What resources for the renewal of your life are within you?

Are you Ready to be Infused with Gratitude?

Though there are many things you may not have or be, that is just one point of view. There are many more things that you have and are, and this is a perfect time to become mindful of them. Thanks for your bed, your meals, your home, your spirit, and whatever else you know you’ve been given as the gifts of your life.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Compassion?

For those whose circumstances are challenging, let your heart open in magnanimous ways. Infused with Spirit, you can do whatever you can to give both assistance and love to whatever beings you’re called to acknowledge. This is one of the gifts of challenging times – opening to give to others and to touch them in what Mother Teresa called “their distressing disguise.”

Look at the Growth of Your Soul

It is often through difficulty that the perfection of the inner being is forged. Not always, but often, the hardest times have brought forth the strength of your soul. Some people succumb to their travails, but some people shine beyond them. You may find that you’re being asked to be resourceful, creative, mature, wise, loving, and filled with power. What a time to be empowered it is. What is it that’s coming forth from you? Spirit can fill you with illuminating energy and strength.

Out of Abyss Consciousness

If you’re one who travels into the land of the bleak more than you’d like, pull yourself out through the remembrance of your light and spirit . Remember that the illusory world is replete with duality, and the more you buy into it, the less of the brilliant light world you can see. Meditate, say prayers, affirm, and remember that “this too shall pass.” Everything has a way of working itself out.

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